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Truck and Trailer is very famous and the ideal place for you to get the best quality parts for your trucks at unbelievable prices. We have parts of the best brands for all types of trucks.

Truck & Trailer Equipment

The truck and trailer equipment that we have is one of the best quality. We make it a point to provide only good quality products to our customers. No matter what quality is something that we cannot compromise.


It does not matter whether it is a simple part or a complex one; we have all the parts for your forklift trucks.


There are a lot of parts involved in the harvester. Want to replace them with the new ones. Reach out to us, and we make it happen.


Since it carries a lot of loads constantly, replacement of parts is a common thing. Get the best quality parts for your steer loader.

Original Trailer Parts

All the trailer parts that we have are original parts from the best brands. We are so confident about the quality because of all the parts from the best manufacturers.

Equipments Guide

Go through the details of the equipment that we have and get a clear picture of them. We have provided all the necessary details.



We have a separate unit for manufacturing the day van, provide us the requirements.



The flatbed trailers can either be used for commercial purposes or for personal use.



When it comes to stepping deck trailers we are absolutely sure that we are the best.

From Our Blog

Must-Have Safety Equipment For Any Tractor Trailer

The use of tractor trailers is one such aspect which is never going to come to a halt as for some businesses they are the essential factors which help them in making profits. As these heavy-duty vehicles travel a lot, this significantly increases the change of them breaking down due to many reasons. In many countries, there are certain types of equipment which have been made compulsory by law for every vehicle to carry, but apart from these laws, there are some types of equipment which we as a person can willing also invest to ensure additional safety of our trailer trucks. Thus to help you be safe at all times and be prepared for any situation which may arise in the future, here are the most essential must have safety equipment any tractor-trailer must have.

1) First Aid Kits -

In any tractor-trailer, it is always essential to carry a first aid kit at all times. In some parts of the world, it has even been made compulsory by law to carry an emergency first aid kit as per the occupancy of the vehicle. If you already have an emergency first aid kit in your truck, make sure to go through it regularly to ensure that all the products are within their expiry period and also to make sure to refill items which have been used. As tractor-trailers are heavy vehicles which generally are used to transport products which are heavy, thus during the loading & unloading and even the drive, can result in many forms of dangers. Therefore having a first aid kit by your side can help you be ready for any form of these problems which may arise at any point.

2) Emergency tool kit -

The emergency tool kit is one of the essential equipments every truck must have as this allows a person to fix the truck on their own if any form of problem arises. Few tools, tire replacement kits, and a mechanical jack are just the essential requirements one might need to feel safe, but apart from these three, there are also many other additional items one can invest in if they want to ensure complete safety.

3) Emergency Reflective Triangles -

In the US alone, the FMCSA  requires every single stopped vehicle to have a reflective triangle on its back. As massive trailer trucks generally make pit stops by the side of the road, they must ensure to use this on the back of the truck to alert other nearby drivers of its halt.

4) Fire Extinguishers -

This is one such equipment which has not just been made compulsory by the law for its citizens to have in their vehicles but is also being made mandatory by automobile manufacturers to provide a portable fire extinguisher in every automobile they make. This one small product can help prevent even the smallest of fires which could result in a massive disaster.

5) Wheel Chocks -

Wheel chocks are generally carried on all types of heavy vehicles as they are placed in front of the wheel to avoid the movement of the truck while loading or unloading commodities from it.  As there are many wheel chocks in the market, one should choose it solely based on the type of truck they are using. The size, width and the composition of wheels chocks differ; thus they must be bought based on the type of vehicle where it will be used.

Tips For Buying Used Trucks

In today's world, not everybody has the money to buy what they desire, but this does not mean that they can't own those things with the help of financial institutions. Most of the people in today's generation favour buying second-hand cars as they can use them for a certain time period and then get a new one when they are financially stable or when they want to upgrade their asset. It is a common practice in the world today, where businesses use their trucks for a certain period of time and then sell them later as they would have planned to upgrade their automobile or require money for the business. Most of the people who buy these second-hand trucks are generally start-up companies or small businesses which typically require them for rough use, but this does not mean that as the vehicle is being bought for rough use, thus at times those companies don't get a thorough checkup done which causes them problems later. It is extremely essential to go through the complete truck while buying it and to help you understand more about this the following are few of the essential tips which you can use while buying a used truck.

1) Ask for the reason it’s being sold -

One of the very first steps that every first-time second-hand buyer must make is to ask a ton of questions about the truck. This not only helps to understand the condition of the truck but will also help you make a wise decision when you narrow down to buying the truck of your choice. The easiest question which you can ask the previous owner is “Why is the owner selling the car.” This is one such question which will get you the right answer without beating around the bush.

2) Carefully go through its history -

Make sure to ask the owner to show you all the paperwork for the repairs they have got done over the years as this can help you determine the current condition of the truck and also help you understand how often the vehicle was taken to the mechanic shop.

3) Examine the truck -

This is one of the essential steps as buying a used truck without examining it before is a sure way of losing all your money. Make sure to go over the truck with a fine toothbrush and carefully observe the paint job, the dents and also whether the car makes any form of additional noise which usually shouldn't occur is a truck.

4) Note down the fixes required -

Make sure while examining the truck to note down all the fixes have to be made to it as after making a note of the total expenditure required on the truck, this can undoubtedly help you make a better decision if the truck is as much as the price that's being asked for it.

5) Make a note of its mileage -

One of the most basic features of any vehicle is its mileage. This is one such factor which is solely reliant on the engine's condition and making a note of this can help you understand the exact cost of fuel you'll have to spend on the vehicle.

6) Try reducing its cost -

This is one such trick which most of the people back out of doing, as they think it can make them look bad. On the contrary, if you are an “Average joe” living in a world full of expensive items, it is perfectly fine to bargain where you can. This not only helps you save a lot of money but also makes you street-smart at the same time.

7) Check for various financing options -

This final step comes after all the above moves are done as if you find the perfect truck, but if it's costing you a little more than your pre-planned budget to purchase it, then it's perfectly fine to look for various financing companies which can help you pay for the price of the car in subsequent instalments. Whether you are looking to purchase a new vehicle or a used one, looking for financial options can only keep you safe from uncertainties which may arise at any time which would require you to have some capital with you.  

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When it comes to trailer equipment they are definitely the best. The services and the parts are of the finest quality.

-Wayne S. Welsh

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